This is the number one most over-looked element when styling a sweet/dessert table or on a photoshoot but makes huge difference to the end result.

When planning a dessert/sweet table, first of all check out the venue and where the table is going to be located. You could be lucky and have a beautiful antique sideboard at your disposal or a table set under a gilded mirror, in which case you already have the perfect backdrop. Or the sweet table may be situated in front of a bay window with a beautiful view.  However, in most cases you will be presented with a bare wall and simple table covered in a white table-cloth, so this will have to be factored into the overall design.

One of the prettiest ways to create a beautiful backdrop for your sweet table is to use hanging paper pom poms, and so cheap too !  There are lots of sellers online or, you can easily make your own : pom pom tutorial (   It’s a great way also to bring your colour scheme into focus.

Pom poms hanging at different lengths above the table can to create a simple, but beautiful backdrop. Peggy Porschen  uses giant sized paper pom poms in two shades of pink to create a whimsical style backdrop for her candyland themed sweet table . Have a look around and get inspired . Brides.Com and pinterest also have some great ideas, but again don’t copy, be original but follow the ideas

Send us your displays to inspire others..

Pom poms paired with a curtain of hanging streamers create a striking sweet table backdrop to your sweet table  including giant-sized overlapping paper fans in the background and scattered paper pom poms under the table, arranged in an adorable playful style.