Now black buttercream isn’t to every ones taste, but we are always being asked how to make black buttercream to pipe onto your cupcakes, and that really looks black and not grey.
It can be challenging because adding too much black colouring can impact on the taste and make it bitter ! This is our recipe though, which always works especially if we put orange flavouring in it too.

The black food colouring is now available in supermarkets or Lakeland. Try and get hold of a gel colour by Wilton or Sugar Flair from specialist shops, but if not the liquid ones will do.

Equipment Needed:

  • Baked flat topped cupcakes
  • Closed star nozzle
  • Piping bag

The following buttercream recipe will cover 2 dozen cupcakes.

Ingredients for black Buttercream:

  • 500g Unsalted Butter
  • I kg Icing Sugar
  • 70g Dark Rich cocoa
  • 2 teaspoons of water
  • 20g of black gel colour

Use butter that is very soft to the touch and has not come directly out of the fridge.

Beat the butter in a food mixer for approximately three minutes. and then slowly add the Icing Sugar. No need to sieve. Mix for a further three minutes and now add the Cocoa powder and then the black food colouring.

This mixture should then be left over night in the bowl with cling film pressed against the mix, and sealing the top of the bowl. The colour will develop overnight ..really!
Don’t worry if your mixture looks grey. Resist the urge to add more black colouring until 24hrs later if it is needed.

To make the flowers:

  • 50g Flower paste or Sainsbury’s Modelling Paste.
  • White vegetable fat.
  • Small daisy flower cutter.

Massage the paste with a small amount of vegetable fat to make it pliable.

Roll the paste out to approx. 4mm

Use the daisy cutter to cut out the flowers

Roll small amount of paste into a ball and use water to stick it into the centre of the flower.

Leave flowers to dry for an hour in a spoon or empty egg carton to give them shape.

Using a closed star nozzle and starting in the centre of your cupcake pipe out in a circular sweep on top of every cup cake .Then place your flowers on top.

To finish off the look, scatter silver sugar pearls around the circumference of the cupcake!