Summer Berry Chocolate Cups


With two bank holidays in the wonderful month of May, what better time to get in the kitchen and get creative. Follow our simple step by step guide to make our delicious Summer Berry Chocolate Cups !
Chocolate cups are really easy to make, and great fun for involving your children too.  To make them, you paint the inside of silicone cupcake liners with melted chocolate
Once you learn how to make the chocolate cup, you’ll find yourself filling the chocolate cups with cream and meringue, peanut butter and even ice cream !
Our Chocolate Cup is filled with fresh whipped cream and topped with summer berries.
How to Make a Chocolate Cup
You will need :
Melted tempered milk or dark chocolate
Silicone cupcake liners
Small paint brushes
How Too :
Temper the chocolate and dribble a small amount of the melted chocolate, from the end of the spoon, around the inside of the silicone cups, to form a messy mesh pattern.
Refrigerate the cups for ten minutes.
Next paint a thin layer of chocolate onto the inside of each cupcake liner.
Refrigerate again for ten minutes.
Paint a second thin layer of chocolate on top of the first layer.
Refrigerate again.
Finally carefully pop the chocolate cups out of their silicone cups.
Fill the cups with a delicious filling,  and top off with Summer Berries and dust with Icing sugar