Equipment list

A cupcake (flavour to suit)
Buttercream (flavour to suit)
Piping Bag
Wilton 1M nozzle
Bright yellow sugar paste
Orange sugar paste
Green sugar paste
TIP if you have gel food colours, you can colour white sugar paste yourself
Non stick mat/board
6 inch rolling pin
Cranked angle palette knife
Serrated and taper sugar craft modelling tool
Sugar craft Daisy shape cutter/Calyx shape cutter
Fine paintbrush
Small amount of cold water

Take a disposable piping bag, and load with buttercream. We use 250g butter to 500g of icing sugar and 2tsp extract flavour of choice. This will cover approx 15 cupcakes with a ‘mr whippy’ style swirl, as depicted in the picture.  TIP make sure there aren’t any air pockets in the buttercream. Pipe a buttercream swirl starting from the outside working in towards the centre in a clockwise motion.  Keep a steady pressure, then stop pressure and pull away at the tip of the swirl.

Take a small amount of green sugar paste, and roll into a ball.  Then on your mat, carefully roll in a back and forth motion to create fine sausage shapes for your daffodil stems. Place one or two green stems (depending on how many daffodils you like on each cupcake) on top of your buttercream. TIP if you decorate your cupcakes before a crust forms on the buttercream, decorations will stick immediately.

Roll out a small amount of bright yellow flower paste to approx 2mm in thickness.  Using your flower cutter, cut out your flower shapes. Place your flower shapes on top of your green stems.

Take a small amount of orange flower paste and roll into a ball, approximately the size of a garden pea. Using your serrated and taper sugar craft tool, push the pointed end into the sugar paste ball.  This will create the effect of the daffodil trumpet! Using your paintbrush, dab a little water into the centre of the flower shapes already on your cupcakes.  Place the orange daffodil trumpets in the centre of the flower shapes.

There you have really gorgeous Easter Cupcakes.  Happy Easter!