Our COVID Safe Procedures:

In order to keep everyone safe whilst still enjoying our fabulous classes we have decided to publish our H&S procedures in order to be totally open and transparent and fair to everyone.

Please if you are not feeling well, have a temperature or a change in your sense of smell or taste, please do not attend your class !!

Let’s keep everyone safe.

Please telephone us on 07883535601 to advise if this occurs!

Your class will be transferred, free of charge, to another date if you are made to self-isolate through no fault of your own, or have tested positive for COVID 19 within 14 days prior to attending your class.

If your temperature is above 37.8 degrees on arrival, we will ask that you not continue with your class, and we will re-book you on the next available class ( allowing 14 days ).

Temperatures will be checked before entry to the class is allowed with a non-contact temperature device.

If England is locked down due to COVID, a second time, we will have to take our steer from the Government, and our Insurers as to whether or not we are able to hold our cake decorating classes, so please be vigilant and keep yourself updated by checking emails.

If you are under a travel quarantine limitation, you will not be allowed to attend during that period and your class will be re-booked.

We are also advising you to wear a mask, or at least bring one with you whilst at our class. This is not mandatory.

Your tutor will also wear a mask, or visor, when assisting you with cake decorating techniques, at close range.

(We do have masks and visors available should you wish to purchase and use them.)

Lunch will also be provided, as well as hot and cold drinks, in a COVID safe way.

That’s it for now, but we reserve the right to add other measures that ensure your training is not only enjoyable but safe too.

Stay safe and let’s enjoy the day.

No one will lose out if we all keep vigilant and stay safe.