Heres our fabulous Christmas Pudding Cupcakes!  Make your dessert table the envy of family & friends this Yuletide!  A great table centrepiece for your Christmas celebrations!


You will need:
Cupcakes flavour to suit
Brown muffin cases
Buttercream (flavour with Brandy !)
Renshaws chocolate sugar paste
White/red/green sugar paste
Sugar craft Blossom / Holly leaf cutter 
Pastry cutter ( size of wine glass circumference )
Palette knife
Rolling pin
Non stick mat
Red ribbon to decorate . 
1. Pipe or use a palette knife to decant buttercream (about the size of a walnut) into the centre of your bare cupcake. Keep it away from the edges!
2. Knead your chocolate sugar paste, and roll out to approximately 1cm in thickness.
3.  Use pastry cutter (just a bit larger than the top of the cupcake) and cut out a chocolate disc. 
4. Use palette knife to release chocolate disc from the mat. Cup disc in the palm of your hand, and gently place on top of the buttercream.  Tuck edges in with side of little finger. Then gently smooth sugar paste into the desired dome shape. 
5. Roll out white sugar paste 0.5 cm thick, and cut out blossom shape.  Wet bottom of blossom and place in centre of chocolate disc. 
6. Roll out green sugar paste 0.5 cm thick, and cut out holly leaf shapes. Leave to dry before decorating cupcake. 
7. Roll 3 small berry shapes from red sugar paste, and adorn cupcake. 
Now present to your family & friends.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from Jo, Diana & all the team at Buttercream & Bows Cake Decorating Academy!