If you would like to learn how to make our cute naughty little devil cupcake, we will be releasing a free tutorial on Youtube soon!!  He/she makes the perfect Valentines present!

Our naughty little Valentines devil needs a name, any suggestions guys? 🙂

In the meantime, get your ingredients and equipment ready:

Equipment checklist

Pastry cutter (slightly bigger than your cupcake)
Ball tool
6 inch sugar craft rolling pin
Sugar craft board for rolling out sugar paste
Small sharp knife
Red food colouring (we use Wilton food colours)
Piping bag
Number 6 star nozzle

Ingredients checklist

A cupcake (flavour to suit)
60g of red buttercream (flavour to suit)
50g Red sugar paste
Small amount (walnut size) Black sugar paste
Small amount (marble size) White sugar paste
A small cup of cold water
Small oval shape cutter for eyes (not essential but just makes life easy)!

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