Peeling Cup Cake Cases

Peeling cupcakes cases are one of the great mysteries of baking.

We hope these tried and tested suggestions will help.

Firstly, only use quality cupcake cases. We find the very thin ones (the ones that easily go see through once baked) peel away more easily. Our favourite cases are Dr Oetker Muffin cases which we buy from the Co Op or Tesco’s.

O’h yes we use Muffin cases and Muffin tins!

Make sure your muffin tins are dry and grease free. Any moisture will steam away under the cupcake which is not a good idea.

(We pop our muffin tins into the warm oven before we add the muffin cases.)

A clean grease free oven is essential. If there’s baked on grease and general oven left overs, then this will steam away once the oven is hot, creating a steamier environment than is ideal for cupcake baking.

At home I use a work top halogen oven for everyday family cooking. In actual fact I can do a full Sunday Lunch for the family in mine, and they are relatively inexpensive to buy, approximately £49.99.

My teenagers cook their chips and pizza etc. in it too, so this leaves the main oven grease free and clean for my cakes, and it goes without saying don’t bake cakes in the same oven as you’re roasting something else !!

If cake making is going to be a commercial venture for you, the Environmental Health inspector will like this arrangement of a separate family oven too!

Your Cupcake recipe may be at fault too. We prefer traditional recipes that are Victoria sponge like in consistency. The more liquid style cupcake recipes with lots of milk added cause more issues.

Of course, we have our perfect cup cake recipe that we share with you on our Cup Cake Master Class, for details click here ( which doesn’t cause the cases to peel away.

We also advise using everything at room temperature as lumps of unmixed butter can also cause peeling and the timings will be out as the oven copes with differing temperatures.

Oh, and don’t forget the oven thermometer, as the dial on your oven will definitely not be accurate from experience.

We don’t over bake our cupcakes as a dry over baked cupcake is not very pleasant, however under baking by just a minute or two can mean peeled cases. The sponge top hasn’t had a chance to gain a slight crust so it can’t cling to the case properly.

Condensation and steam are not friends of the cupcake either. Before you take your cupcakes from the oven to cool, have your cooling rack set up and assess the kitchen for steam. If you’ve been baking up a storm then open a window or door before removing the cakes from the oven.

Once the cakes are out of the oven, carefully removing them from the tin as soon as your fingers can take the heat, then leave on a rack to cool.

Cupcakes have a tendency to sweat when kept in air tight tins or Tupperware. Store in card cupcake boxes.