We are always trying to assist our students with their baking and therefore we will be putting together mini tutorials in the run up to Christmas, to assist you with your Christmas Cakes and Cup Cakes ..

Firstly we must announce the Winner of the November ghd draw – The winner is Mrs J Deacon-Viney from Warwickshire….

Along with the other hints and tips in previous blogs we cannot stress enough that people tend to over work sponge and put too much air in it..folding is the only technique that should be used when adding any liquid (milk, eggs ) to a mixture containing flour, and don’t forget to measure accurately.Don’t heap teaspoons !! if it calls for a teaspoon of baking powder, it is a flat measure, so run your knife over the top and use an exact measure. Too much baking powder can make your cakes dip. When measuring liquids in a jug, get your eye level with the mark you are measuring too, and fill to that mark whilst keeping your eye at that level…and finally if the recipe states medium eggs use medium eggs..baking is a precise science and bucket baking (as my nan called it ) which means being slap happy with the measuring just won’t give you your beautiful results….we really hope this clarity will help you..

Happy Baking Folks..

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