The current trend at the moment is to use edible flowers or leaves to adorn your bakes. Smother the top of your bake with butter cream or a cream cheese frosting and then decorate with Edible Flowers for that up to the minute Vintage look.

Many Edible flowers and leaves can be crystallized and safely eaten. Make sure they are dry and haven’t been sprayed with insecticide .


1 Egg White

White Caster Sugar

Edible Flowers, Petals or Leaves

Small Paint Brush.

Whisk the Egg White in a bowl with a whisk. Place the Caster Sugar into another bowl. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.Now paint each flower or leaf with the Egg White. Then hold the Petal or leaf over the sugar bowl and with a teaspoon carefully sprinkle the caster Sugar over the petal or leaf until every surface is completely covered.Now gently shake off any excess and gently place it onto the baking sheet. Smaller petals and leaves will dry in a few hours or overnight in a warm dry place (airing cupboard).Once completely dry they can be stored in an airtight container and will keep for up to two weeks. Make sure that every bit of the petal or leaf is covered as gaps will shorten the life of the finished product.

If you wish to Crystallize a whole rose it is best to push florist wire through the end and suspend them upside down from a glass to assist in the drying process. These will take 24 hrs or more to dry .

Hope you enjoyed this bang up to date tip…


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