From a Hobby Baker/ Cake Decorator to a successful cake business

Why start a business when there are lots of others doing it already ? – we’ll imagine what Richard Branson thought when he started Virgin Airlines .. The market was an already saturated with the big boys and girls (British Airways etc ) appearing to have it all sown up.. But that didn’t stop him as he saw an opening, and so will you with the help of our Cake Boss Class .

Well, what we do say to our students when they ask the same question – ‘ there are a few already running cake businesses from home or premises , but are they doing it well ! There are big holes in the Cake selling market that can be grabbed by you if you do it the right way . It isn’t bad to have competition though . ‘

Take a walk around the food halls in your big stores , or the supermarket shelves and look at their cakes, mass manufactured basic designs … It makes you want to scream . The cakes our beginner students walk out with, having attended our Cup Cake Master or Introduction to Cake Decorating , are streets ahead in terms of quality .

So if you are thinking about starting a cake business because you don’t like that Monday morning feeling , or would like to take the kids to school and pick them up , and have a nutritious meal waiting for them , or just want to get off that tread mill of early starts traffic and stress , then start by planning your business now and come on our 1 Day Cake Boss Class.

We hear from a few students who have started their own Cake Business from home , whilst still employed in another career and are struggling to balance work/ family whilst still coping with a career . Well don’t worry if that is you as we have been there and got the bruises to show for it , but we can now pass on the help and guidance to hopefully help you steer clear of the pitfalls , which will guide you towards running a successful & profitable business

Firstly you must focus on what’s going to set you apart, make you different, and we will help you do that .

Secondly , plan how you are going to run a profitable business, after all, if there’s no profit, you are not running a sustainable business. These two things will really help to take you from being a person who bakes as a hobby to someone who is running a successful cake business.

Our Cake Boss Class will give you help with all of the above .


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