We are looking  forward to 2013 our thoughts go out to the Brides to be and their planning for the big day ahead…so just a gentle reminder to take a look at our cup cake hen party in birmingham package for details and a few photo’s of some fantastic cup cake hen parties that we had the pleasure to run last year. They are great fun and make a great start to your day as it is involves mother/mother in law of the Bride, aunts and those friends who don’t want to drive tanks or go rock climbing and is a great prelude to a meal and then a night on the town.

Our Cup Cake Hen Party can be a  unique hen party package for the day, or even the weekend with our special contacts in the local hospitality world.

If you are looking for the perfect all round Hen Party experience then look no further…..

Beautiful surroundings, a great atmosphere and great fun for all so go on give Kate our hen party co ordinator a  call on 0800 328 8611 and make your enquiry today !


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