14th October 2012

The nights are getting colder and here at Buttercream & Bows Cake Decorating Academy we are excited about Halloween and Bonfire Night and we are busy creating our own little cup cakes for Halloween and Bonfire Night, and we hope to post them on Face Book and on our Blog together with hints and tips for you to follow.

In the mean time please take a peep at our Christmas Cup Cake decorations , our little Father Christmas and Snow man cup cake will make a gorgeous Christmas decoration. Our 2.5 hr Festive & Fun Christmas Cup Cake Class is now online and available to book.

Baking Hints

How to bake the Perfect Cup Cake –  One of the biggest mistakes when making cup cakes is under baking or over baking. The recipe that you use will give an oven temperature and an exact time to bake your delicious cup cakes but still our students find their Cupcakes dip in the middle as they are under cooked.

Generally this is caused by your oven !!

If your oven is still under warranty ask for an engineer to come out and check for hot spots and hopefully he/she can rebalance your oven.

If out of oven warranty then a cheap oven thermometer is essential. (They are available at all supermarkets)

You will be amazed at the temperature your oven is actually baking at compared to the dial ….get it checked, and don’t forget that you usually reduce the recipe temperature by 10 degrees for fan ovens.

Happy Cake Decorating

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