We hope you like our New look Christmas Cake Decoration which we are running during our Introduction to Cake Decorating Classes in November and December here at The Buttercream & Bows Cake Decorating Academy ….come along and practice your decorating skills and get ideas for decorating Christmas cakes this year….don’t forget don’t put your iced cakes in air tight tins or tupperware..they don’t like it…let them breath ladies and gents….so happy soaking if you are soaking your Chritsmas Cakes as we blog….

We still have a few places left on The Intro to Cake Decorating Classes….Nov 17th and Dec 15th

Helpful tips for Baking….Now that the Great British Bake Off has finished we hope to assist you in your baking by answering a few questions. One of the most asked question we get is Plain Flour or Self raising ? Well it is always plain for we like to gauge the rise in our bakes and that means we are in control by adding as much raising agent as we think appropriate. Don’t be too slap happy with your measuring with your raising agent..make sure you keep your measurements accurate !Another common fault with Cup Cakes is a dip in the middle and this can be caused by too much raising agent …so measure carefully 🙂

Finally, if you are having a Fireworks Party, Bonfire Party or Halloween Party in Birmingham this year apart from making some lovely halloween Cup Cakes please have a thought for one of our chosen charities, The North Birmingham Cats Protection, who get swamped with run away and lost cats . Please look after your Pets if you are having a Fireworks, Halloween or Bonfire party in Birmingham area…

Happy Baking

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